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NC Pediatric Dentistry

Who said dentistry isn’t fun?!

NC Pediatric Dentistry is a network of 16 pediatric dental offices around North Carolina committed to providing exceptional care to children and families. True statement.

But let’s be real, the dentist isn’t a kid’s favorite place. It’s not as cool as the park or outer space. So, NC PEDS creates positive dental experiences by designing a different atmosphere in each office. This way, children don’t have to feel like they are going to the equivalent of a Steven King novel, but an environment where they feel energized and playful.

And they asked us to help spread this message!

Digital Strategy + Design

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Tooth Truths

Floss daily with Display, Paid Social, and Paid Search

With each office in a different location and each having a different theme, we were able to create a unique marketing strategy per location. The overall goal was to increase the number of patients per office (decreasing the cost per lead). We crafted our strategy around targeting specific demographics we knew would need a pediatric dentist (like moms with kids and kids with teeth), while also creating hyperlocal brand awareness.

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The Results

A quick brush up on what happened

Through optimizing our multilocation marketing strategy, NC Peds was able to reach their target audience AND lower their cost per lead to $25/lead. In some instances, we were able to lower the cost per lead to $10.

AND little Billy’s breath is WAY better.