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NAPA Auto Parts

Taking the national message to the local level

We believe that attaching your brand to local messaging resonates louder and stronger. And we’ve seen it work. Our goal with NAPA has always been to find the community connection, the local heroes, and remind small towns across the country that they should be proud of their locally owned, nationally known, NAPA Auto Parts store. That’s how business should be done!

Branding + Digital Strategy + Design + Development + Video

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Markitect and Call Center

Better communication and service through technology

It takes a village of magicians and some pretty heavy technology to manage thousands of stores and make sure they are connecting to their local community. We used to use airplanes and meetings (and still do)…but we still couldn’t reach every store. So we came up with a call center that reaches out to each store quarterly to make sure they have access to our tools. Then we created the NAPA Markitect, a portal that stores can access for creative help – from ideas to simple vinyl banners.

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Local Heroes

Capturing the human truth at a national level

When you travel across the country and sit with store owners in their corner of the world, you begin to realize the amazing impact they have on their community. NAPA corporate wanted to capture this spirit. So we set out to create a program that could tell the story of our humble heroes who give back to their communities, often without asking for recognition, and leverage that as part of the national brand.