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The Dynamic Duo

Indigo Home lives in a space made of impeccable beauty, elegant craftsmanship and thoughtful integrity – stemming from the eclectic nature and blend of its founders, Jennifer and Noah. Jennifer’s untouchable design savvy and Noah’s incomparable real estate expertise inspired the spirit and development of the brand’s identity.

Brand Naming + Brand Identity

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it

Strut Yo Stuff

The goal was clear – to capture the innate sense of design beauty, captivating charm, solid craftsmanship and the ideal vision of home. It was then, the concept of using a peacock as the primary graphic was hatched. The sentiment, allusion and fascination of the peacock inherently captured the spirit and story of Indigo Home. From its recognizable deep indigo colors, shimmery aqua and teal colors to its mystique to the strut of its confidence, we knew we were onto something that represented the brand’s vision, intrigue, beauty, strength and pride of home.

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Peacock Pride

Follow the Beauty

The purpose of the brand’s identity became clear and focused as to what it stood for – along with the unforgettable perception within the real estate and home design industry. The Indigo Home peacock is now on the move in Charlotte for all to take notice, admire and chase.