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For the tickle in your throat

Jakemans. They’ve been making delicious and effective throat and chest lozenges for over 100 years. That’s real “history.” And when you think about history, you may think of England…which is also where they’re from.

All with that, Jakemans wanted to increase their old brand awareness and educate the new U.S. consumer on their clean, deliciously smooth ingredients.

Influencer Marketing + Social Media Strategy + Design + Development + Photography

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The Influencer Box

How do you leverage a social media influencer’s followers? Do they even like throat lozenges?

We sure hope so!

To test out our theory, we created a sample kit for a whole mess of social media influencers. Did they have a cough? Didn’t matter. Our goal was to get samples out the door and grow organic engagement on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

So who were these influencers of the social media? We targeted mom bloggers and health and wellness influencers. And we sent them amazing boxes which included a brief history of Jakemans, samples of their four signature flavors and a hand-written note, addressed to the specific influencer…you know, for the personal touch.

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Soothe Your Soul

A design you could taste with your eyeballs

It’s very important to use design elements that work together to convey the same brand message across all collateral. Playing off the color palette of the product packaging (rich organic browns and greens) and using different types of botanical elements, we created a consistent visual look and recognition of the brand. One guy tried to chew on the box, actually.

Using similar language is also equally important. We used phrases like “Soothe your soul”, “More soothing, less coughing” and “Life is better with fewer coughs”, across our collateral. Doesn’t that make you feel a little better?