What sets communities apart? Is it the place? The people? The feeling? There are so many ways to look at the answer to this question. We are all about hyperlocal–how each location has its own specific needs. We believe this is true when it comes to how to market real estate. We like to often do what we call ‘Taking It to the Streets’ (no, we do not play Michael McDonald’s song on our iPhones as we do this.) It is simply walking a mile in the shoes of our potential renter or buyer.

We like to walk the neighborhood, visit the local stores, take public transport (if there is any), even spend some time in the greenspaces (in person when we can and online if we must.) This allows us to really get into what it’s like to live there. Why is this important? Because there is so much sameness in so many properties that finding the little things that matter most can help lead buyers and renters to your door.

Here are some surprising things we’ve learned by doing this:

  1. The distance from car to front door really matters. Bringing home groceries, carrying kids or getting Fido back inside can mean the difference between a good experience or one that you dread every. single. day.
  2. The Starbucks (or Caribou or Local Brew) effect is going strong. Places that are located by daily indulgences are seen as more desirable. Because you know, coffee first, right?!
  3. Stories are the primary way people process information. They can easily recall a story more than bullet points or details. Turning storytelling into story selling is an art and when done well, will turn your lookers into talkers (about your offering) and then also buyers and/or renters.
  4. Never underestimate the power of a good mood. Encouraging dreams gets a great response. People have a hard time being in the present but love to dream about the future. Helping them see/experience/appreciate that future gives them the warm fuzzies. The warm fuzzies is a technical term we use at the office to describe a target that is basking in the glow of what could be. Good moods are good for sales.
  5. Now, more than ever, so much is changing rapidly. Your renter or buyer wants a space they can count on. The place they call home is going to be where they feel most comfortable to handle all life throws their way. Is that how you would describe your property? Your marketing/leasing/selling experience? If not, we can help with that!

Long story short: taking the time to live out your target’s day can really be insightful. We love to do some streetwalking with you. (Well, you know what we really mean.)