Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact. It doesn’t take a HUUUUGE budget to create a powerful presence. It just takes the ability to see beyond what everyone else is doing and find ways to be more creative, more insightful, more out-of-the-box.

Sure, you can drop millions on a sponsorship of a popular sports franchise or you can do something unexpected that captures the same amount of eyeballs. The people watching don’t know you didn’t overspend, they just know they saw your brand and went, “Cool.”

NAPA stores are known as the hero that keeps your car, your company, your business running. Every day before many of us are awake, these local business owners are up at the crack of dawn filling orders that came in the night before. They’re good people who are part of the fabric of their community. But how do they get their small budget marketing to resonate BIG?

Wandering around the NHRA Phoenix Firebird Speedway, we saw that the trash cans were dilapidated and worn. Local NAPA owners paid to have them all repainted with NAPA colors and the logo. For a minimal cost, NAPA was suddenly everywhere at their track and on the screen during broadcast races. By doing something that benefited the races in their neighborhood and reflected the good that all NAPA owners do for their towns, this was a BIG win for a small investment that truly had reach going from hyperlocal to national.

For the Buffalo Sabres, NAPA sponsored the two-minute warning clock. Again, while the cost was low, the clock popped up on broadcast screens showcasing the NAPA logo way beyond the rink and the state, being broadcast out to all affiliates in markets across the US.

Hyperlocal solutions are about understanding the people and the place. Yes, they have the ability to create a more personal connection one-on-one but they can also do so much more! Long story short: the little things, that maybe the big brands may have missed, can go a really long way in helping your brand compete at the national level.

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