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Case Study – Banner – Visit Myrtle Beach

Case Study – Content – Visit Myrtle Beach

Visit Myrtle Beach

Visit Myrtle Beach was looking for a new way to attract visitors. They employed Arthur Elliott to come up with a creative way to leverage “Project Time Off”, a research project centered around the impact of lost vacation time. The overall objective was to test an “off brand” campaign against their current advertising campaigns.

Case Study – Content Two – Visit Myrtle Beach

Our Strategy

Targeted digital advertising using a comedic approach.

Arthur Elliott created a series of videos that resembled pharmaceutical ads where the subjects were “ALLERGIC TO FUN.” The campaign drove more than 50K visitors to the landing page, collecting over 6,500 leads for the organization. Additionally, we provided detailed data points back to Visit Myrtle Beach, including the top 10 geo-indexing markets for future targeting/retargeting.

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