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Breaking the Cycle

Every year 82% of children with a parent in prison will end up in prison themselves. One in four will drop out of school. And the prison system…is a $300 BILLION business. It’s a cycle.

This cycle affects everyone who has ever had crime impact their community or paid taxes.

Proverbs226 is an evidence-based non-profit committed to healing families affected by parental incarceration.

Branding + Social Media Campaigns + Email + Branded Gear + Video + Website

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Healing Hearts

One Step at a Time

We knew from our research the stats were staggering. But we also understood the immediate issue: we needed to rally children, volunteers, parents, and donors behind a common recognizable brand.

The stained glass window mosaic we created mirrored both the Christian values and the kaleidoscope of people impacted by incarceration. We used multiple bright colors to reflect the hope, joy and love this organization has instilled. The new approach was modern, approachable, and relatable and inclusive to all.

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Making It Happen

100% Graduation Rate

The ongoing quest is to now spread the news that Proverbs226, while raising awareness of an ominous issue, IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE through encouraging, engaging, educating, and empowering children. 100% of children who have entered the program have graduated from school. 100% of incarcerated mothers have not gone back to prison. And over $1 Million dollars of tax payer money has been saved for every 5 children that do not go to prison.

We designed and developed a new website, created donor emails, digital ads, collateral, presentations and continue to help strategize with the amazing people involved to raise awareness and funds to educate, not incarcerate…and BREAK THE CYCLE.