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No Trade Show? Pivot

COVID killed the trade show. The traditional way of reaching customers for Matrix Frame USA, a retail light box display company, became complex. So, we pivoted. Prospects couldn’t come to our booth – so we went to them.

There was one issue. This product needs to be seen to really sell itself. It’s literally a display piece. So, we mailed themed boxes to each customer with a “mini” version of a light box custom made for each retailer with their own company logo on it. But that was just the beginning…

Trade Show + Presentation Design + Email + Landing Page + Video + Mailer Box

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A New “Frame” of Mind

Reimagine the Possibilities

We needed each buyer to understand this isn’t just a metal frame with a backlit display. It’s a way to create an experience. To transform not only a space, but a customer’s “Frame” of mind. Matrix Frame was just a tool. The retailers were the creatives!

So, we created a theme full of color and shapes and pizzaz! And we included a little branded Play-Doh to get their own creativity flowing. Lastly, we added a sizzling video, accessible by QR code, to get them to start thinking about all the possibilities for their retail location.

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Outside the Box Thinking

Repair, Rethink, Reimagine Retail

We know these direct mailed boxes received attention. And when the trade shows came back online, we were one step ahead with a campaign and imagery that we could already connect to.

We created a story and presentation for the owners to present, ads for the trade pubs, a landing page, and bigger light boxes with brighter colors that challenged retailers to rethink, repair, reimagine retail!