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Medina McKelvey

A fresh brand approach, like Gucci and Coach…

Medina McKelvey is a biz in Cali, maybe near a California valley. First and versed, boutique and chic, regal and legal, ready to mingle and always lookin’ good like Pringles.

Not pretending, but devoted to defending businesses and companies. They have proudly and loudly defended over 500 wage (not rage) hour (not sour) lawsuits and never in desert boots. They’re all over the state never knowing their fate, across 50 shifty, drifty, Taylor – Swifty different industries.

Print + Development + Art/Video Direction

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Building a Website

A new brand needs a new site

We created a “choose your own adventure” but it was really a joint venture that directed two different groups down through our content hoops!

We built our core brand strategy, with a strong energy like a battery, around tailoring information to get people through their frustrations.

We did the math and named two paths – Defend and Protect.

But really the “Defend” path is about defending businesses when they are faced with a wage and hour lawsuit and the “Protect” path is about protecting businesses through legal counsel and knowledge so that they will not have to deal with a lawsuit in the future.

In the end, it’s just a bright, sight, greenlight, highlight, Christmas night, excite, airtight, leading light, dynamite, website!

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Rolling out an updated brand

Conveying the feel-good, strong like wood, quality services

From a visual standpoint BIG, BOLD and BRIGHT literally translated into BIG, BOLD and BRIGHT.

We really wanted to pump up the graphics not cluttered like traffic – make the type hard to ignore like my dad’s snore. We loved the fact that they already used orange because it is a strong, eye-catching color that BigLaw firms do not normally use.