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Concorde Construction

A New Brand of Leadership

We needed to capture the essence of an evolving construction company as they move forward into the future. But first we needed to understand who they were at their core, what they stood for, and their “why”…

We began by providing them with an archetype test, interviewing the staff and senior leadership and it became clear they embodied that of a pure “Ruler.” So, we set out to embody the confidence and responsibility of a company that takes control of a project. They set the rules, the tone, and provide the direction for all involved, including their clients.

Brand + Signage + Email + Business Cards + Branded Gear + Video + Website Changes

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More Than Building Blocks

The Core Values of a Good King

It became clear, once we had identified the brand pillars, that everything they stood for resonated with this archetype. They embodied the toughness and grit of a cowboy managing a herd, and the skill of a composer directing the symphony that creates music. Without them, there would be no music – only noise.

A new simplified logo represents the two Cs of their name merging into a construction pipe. We added a bigger, cleaner, bolder font that could be easily seen on their job sites. And we changed their colors to black and copper – the color of kings!

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Way. Better.

We “Nailed It”

The result was not only a rebrand in color, shapes, fonts, logos, phrasing, taglines…but also hard hats, on site signage, email signatures, business cards, wearables, hype videos, web changes, and well…literally the paint on their office walls. We even painted the ductwork copper!

But most importantly we gave this amazing company a clear brand and spirit they can rally behind and be proud to work for.