National Gypsum Company
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National Gypsum Company

Database Marketing | Digital Marketing | Sales Promotions

  • Client:

    National Gypsum Company

  • Our Role:

    On pack sweepstakes promotion with online data collection.

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Sometimes you win. Sometimes you just keep buying that Proform Ultra Lite Joint Compound!

…And that’s exactly what National Gypsum was looking to do—get a big boost in sales on the arrival of a new product to market. And so they came to us to construct the entire promotion soup to wall board, including building the site, facilitating the prizes, collecting data entries of customers, and covering the entire drywall earth with “lite green” stuff…including taco trucks.

Throughout the year we gave away TVs, BBQ grills, and a ton of “lite green” t-shirts. Oh yea, it was in Spanish as well.