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The Perfect Food Balls.

Our good friend, coach, and super Ironman Jamey Yon had enough with gels, bars, fad diets, and people talking about how to eat. So, he came up with his own recipe. The guy finished 22 Ironman races, holds the record in NC for the marathon as a 50-year-old and while you are sitting here reading this, he’s probably in a pool somewhere finishing his own mini triathlon.

Our Strategy.

Food balls are not something people are used to. We needed to explain a new product to a niche market. To start, we designed a logo and packaging for his three flavors. Since this is a high energy food we went with high energy, bright colored logo that resembled a flame. We kept the concept simple and easy to replicate in the event he added more flavors. We also wanted to capture the essence of Jamey and his “local-ness”. These little balls of glory are not produced in a big factory with chemicals. The taste, feel, and brand all point back to the very safe, family-oriented kitchen table they were first tested on – with his kids.

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