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A Smith Brothers Campaign.

America has been sucking on them for years. Smith Bros cough drops begin in a family-owned, small-batch candy store in 1847. They are for people that are sick of being sick and sick of life’s pains.

Smith Bros’ cough drops have been soothing those unwanted pains for generations by helping avoid unwanted attention that a disruptive cough can bring. They are available in retailers across America.

After being purchased, the Smith Brothers brand of cough drops returned to the American and worldwide markets in 2017. They were looking for an advertising agency to bring them back to life. They also wanted to advertise their Honey Lemon, Wild Cherry and Warm Apple Pie cough drop flavors and drive foot traffic to Rite Aids in Harrisburg, PA.

Our Strategy.

From November 2019 to April 2020, we ran two digital campaigns. The first campaign focused on targeting people in the Harrisburg, PA metro area (DMA) utilizing geofencing and serving them OTT/CTV ads. The second campaign was a brand awareness campaign and the focus was on targeting Rite Aid customers in the Harrisburg, PA metro area (DMA) utilizing geofencing and serving them digital display ads.

Overall, since launching these campaigns in November of 2019, we have had over 1,857,787 total impressions, 3,065 clicks and 5,965 total actions. A majority of the actions are conversions from the first campaign! This means we have served ads to more than 5,800 people and drove them into a Rite Aid store in the Harrisburg metro area since November.

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