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Being Relevant is More Important Than Being LOUD.

This one pulls on the heart strings…

Over the past 15 years we’ve come to understand the importance of being locally relevant to your customers. In fact, we’ve built our agency on this concept. Local markets, much like the people that make them up, are unique, particular, and discerning of generic marketing b.s.. In order to stand out in today’s clutteredworld, you have to be compelling, engaging, personalized, and authentic. Local Advertising has proven to be the most impactful way to connect you to your community.

The NAPA brand is much bigger than a logo. It’s a legacy; a legacy that goes beyond the blue & gold ‘stamp’ of approval.Every store has a story to tell and how that story relates to their community means so much more than say…a Super Bowl ad. Plus, there’s just something warm about supporting your buddies Uncle’s neighborhood Auto Part store. It just makes you feel good about yourself.

Our Strategy.

Every year we dig in and understand what would work in a community. We have account executives responsible for each part of the country. We take the time to get to know local area’s and local customers. This could mean sponsoring your local dirt track, high school football team, or hosting a crash course on how to change your own oil for Mom’s (BYOB). Or it could mean creating ads that use local colloquialisms. Add in social media strategies, new driver programs at your local high school, charity functions…oh the list goes on and on…

So put your seatbelt on and get in the car! Honestly, our strategy is simply toTHINK LOCAL and GET LOCAL. Then we create targeted, “hyperlocal” strategies … oh and we seed in some technology like geofencing and social media. But that’s on a different case study.

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