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Our Culture. Our World.

Our agency calls Charlotte home. But more accurately, our office space is where our culture inspires the wonderful minds that occupy it, making each of them feel quite at home. Everyone here is different, but the same. Each smiling face brings a host of talent, skill, knowledge and experience. With their minds always fully-loaded—like the nerf guns smattered around the studio—our passionate teammates embrace the work, share ideas and look at things in new ways. You’ll even find them ringing an old brass bell on the wall, when it’s time to celebrate. It’s a great place to call home, where they can make a difference and own their part of the world.

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Our Vibe – The Making

The Evolution of Chairs

2007-2010: Small bedroom and a dog named Fran, but it really wasn’t as cool as you think

It sounds like the another “True Hollywood Story” about a guy who slept on his buddy’s couch while starting an ad agency but it was really a contracted position, after leaving another agency, with one client (that we still have today). And if we’re being honest, it was quite lonely and tough on the self-confidence.

2010-2014: Fran learns to drink from a fountain. We needed people and an actual office.

Somewhere around this time we started dabbling more and more with digital marketing. The work was coming in and the confidence was building. We hired our first employee named Stephanie. And then our third employee also named Stephanie. Which made creating emails difficult. The second Stephanie still works here. And yes, someone taught the dog to drink out of a water fountain.

2016-2018: 3 to 11 to 18. We needed more people and a bigger office.

In 2016 things really took off. We decided to start bringing things in-house like creative, web, and digital. The work started pouring in. By 2017 we had to buy a lot of new chairs. Do you know how expensive office chairs are? The talent level also started to rise and we started to organically grow this thing called “culture”.

2019: … to 26. We need more chairs!

The culture thing solidified and we made it a focal point of who we are: Growth, Passion, Responsiveness, and Gratitude. We hired more talented people like a creative director who changed our logo and speaks about design like he’s on an acid trip. And yes, we had to get more chairs and now…looking for a bigger office.

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Arthur Elliott is a human-centric, idea-driven creative agency, ranking in the top ten of advertising agencies in Charlotte, North Carolina. With years of expertise in digital advertising and brand design, Arthur Elliott brings a unique slant – along with strategy, creative, data and digital technologies – to developing brands and businesses that will stand out in the world.

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