18 Jun 2020

Data Perspectives

We’re Talkin’ Bout, Data…Perspectives!


A CMO AND A Franchisee Walk Into A Bar AND They Both Order The Same Thing. Then They Ask “How Do I Know It’s Working”? Bartender Says…

We know ad campaigns can feel nebulous or like you’re lost at sea without a direction to paddle in. Because of this, business owners can tend to resent marketers– because it can feel like an expensive “necessary” evil, or “smoke and mirrors” without anything really tangible to make them feel good…Tell me where the value is! How do I know it’s working?

Insert Data. Ah…the cool crisp taste of data…

As an agency, we live and breathe by optimizing on and reporting on data. That being said, data is nothing if it’s not presented in a way that is not only understandable to our clients, but relevant. The local NAPA Auto Parts store owner on South Blvd. in Charlotte, NC has a much different agenda than the CMO of a Fortune 200 brand or the regional director of a franchise. We understand this, and adjust our campaigns, KPI’s and reporting so that all of our clients can feel good about:



  • Efficiency: These individuals have 8,413 things on their minds…on Mondays. Marketing analytics and reporting need to get to the point quickly and in a succinct manner. Tell the important parts so that a decision can be made.
  • High-Level: Don’t get in the weeds about which creative ad sizes performed well in Hamburg, NY unless requested otherwise. This means aggregate and utilize cumulative numbers. Is it working across the bigger picture?
  • Timeframe: We focus on month over month / year over year data. How is the business performing compared to the same time last year? In most cases we know the CMO has more information he’s comparing ours to.
  • Communication: An aspect that is easy to overlook as it seems so straight forward. Establishing KPIs well ahead of any campaign launch date is imperative in order to find success. What does a “win” look like in the CMO’s world? Does our data show that we accomplished this? Make sure these aspirations are attainable, and most importantly – measurable. Every CMO has to show what they are doing is working…even when it’s not…it’s important to show they have their arms around it.
  • Objective Next Steps: As the agency we should always provide insight and guidance; we need to provide tangible answers as to what our numbers are showing, why it happened and what we suggest doing next. Which creative option resonated with our target audience? Maybe there’s a hidden clue to major breakthroughs!



  • Mindful: Be detailed yet speak English. Marketers tend to speak the street slang (think CTR, CPC, CPM – really anything that starts with a C). It’s important to connect the language in a way that others not only ‘nod to’ in order to get the presentation finished – but truly understand. If the client doesn’t comprehend what’s happening with his investment, we aren’t doing our job well.
  • Specific: Due to the nature of this client’s business, we generally get more detailed with our findings and present what happened for each individual campaign. What will we do again? What will we eliminate next quarter?
  • Hyperlocal: This business owner needs to know the LOCALITY of our efforts – in his world, nothing else matters. What worked in the local market? What happened in their local neighborhood? How many devices walked into his retail location? How many site visitors came from his zip code? The ability to scale our data down to this level is invaluable to this audience.
  • Attentive: We have to become a student to these towns. What is their local language? What does this town actually care about / what would incentivize their customers? No one knows this information better than the local owner. In order to improve our data and optimize efforts – we have to LISTEN.
  • Communication: As mentioned for the C-Suite Execs, establishing KPIs far ahead of time is a key component we never forget, regardless of the audience at hand. If door swings are the only thing the local business owner cares about – everything we do will make sure that goal is met and exceeded.


The ability to report to various audience levels effectively (and simultaneously if needed) is a craft we have worked diligently to perfect over the past 10 years as an agency. And it all starts BEFORE the campaign is launched. It starts with understanding the client’s perspective and what they’re looking to achieve.


Chelsea Bodziak, Strategy Manager

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