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Case Study – Banner – Archbishop Curley High School

Case Study – Content – Archbishop Curley High School

Archbishop Curley

Archbishop Curley is an all-male Catholic Archdiocesan High School located in the Baltimore metropolitan area. The school is known for its strong academic program, competitive athletic program and a diverse arts program. We were tasked with kick starting the internal pride of Curley, as well as “getting them 10 new students each year.”

Case Study – Content Two – Archbishop Curley High School

Our Strategy

Change brand perception, beginning with student pride.

How do we reach incoming high school students? We start with the students we already have, the most influential assets. Using these students, and their own personal stories and experiences, we completely rebranded and brought life back to the school. This rebrand included their website, sales collateral, marketing messages and video assets. The most important change that took place with this project, however, was the increase in student morale, which has continued to increase open house attendance to date.

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