23 Jul 2020

Branding During a Pandemic


As we live today, each day, we have inevitably become hyperaware of our behavior, our language, our fears, our patience, our routines, our family, our community, our home, our health, our finances, our real bad self-haircuts, even how we simply breathe. What has surfaced from the shadow of this pandemic is a campaign about what truly matters. About our purpose. About our determination to keep breathing. And until they invent a machine that can replicate our spirit, our drive and our adaptability, we must get up each day thinking differently and looking at the world differently, because it ​is​ different.

Brand Your Humanity

So, how do we brand our products, our services and our business, in these times? We don’t. We brand our humanity, virtues and strength in the most genuine way. We focus on building trust, more than ever, through empathy and purpose. We understand others more, so that we can truly help them and empower them in real ways…not ‘marketing’ ways. We build and strengthen our communities with social programs. We leverage social media platforms to open a bigger, more caring world to them. We reach out to others that we don’t even know and share something that is for their benefit with no expectation for reciprocation. We share tips that could help them accomplish something in their life. We educate. We empower. We deliver little things that help. We solve real problems. We share stories. We share distracting videos. We share victories. We get involved just enough.

Connect With Others

Perhaps we have been given this opportunity, as strange as that may sound, to rediscover our empathy, redirect our strength and revise our values. This is the time to connect with others, ​not​ sell. Our physical, biological and emotional landscape has literally changed forever. So, while we stay at home, let’s challenge ourselves to journey further inside, to discover more meaningful things to share with others. Discover your creativity, love, trust, strength and real victories. Reframe your thinking. It may be time to reinvent yourself, your brand, a little…or a lot. Revisit your mission, but this time look at it through the eyes of ‘everyday’, as your spouse, friend or kid might see it. From a real perspective that has ​their​ best interest at heart. Then, with these new eyes, search for ways to connect with others. Our world has increasingly become bullshit savvy, craving empathy and authenticity more than ever. If you don’t invest in building a relationship with them, if you don’t connect as a caring friend, if you don’t give it to them, someone else will.

Don’t sell. Don’t bullshit. Don’t hide behind a pandemic. Don’t go dark. Don’t stop breathing. Now is not​ the time to stay quiet. Now is the time to connect in different ways, more ways. Be clear. Be strong. Be genuine. Be grateful. Be responsive. Keep breathing—you’ll be glad you did.

Lee Calderon // Creative Director

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