19 Aug 2020

A Transformation for a Transformative School

Our Client

The John Crosland School in Charlotte, NC is a one-of-a-kind school for one-of-a-kind students. It was established in 1978 as North Carolina’s first school for students with learning differences, such as ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism. Their mission is to transform the lives of their students by providing a holistic, individualized education in a diverse and nurturing community. They continually support their students’ curiosity, talents, character, humanity, and dreams, in an environment that is different from the traditional classroom.

Our Partnership

The John Crosland School enthusiastically came to Arthur Elliott in need of a new marketing strategy. Their current efforts were feeling outdated and disorganized and they recently brought on a new head of school who wanted to take their marketing to the next level. They were drawn to the passionate, creative approach to our work and wanted their own marketing and creative to reflect the uniqueness and authenticity of their school. Our partnership seemed very kismet from the beginning. We hit the ground running and started transforming their biggest marketing asset, their website.

Our Strategy

There were a couple big pain points with their website that needed to be addressed. First, content organization. There was a lot of important content on the site, but the current framework did not allow the user to get to what they needed quickly. The flow was confusing, and it seemed a bit piecemeal. Secondly, the brand approach did not seem to reflect the uniqueness and overall vibe of the school. The graphics and photography needed some fresh, sparkling life.

Our first step was to dive into the content. We rewrote sections, removed sections and organized it in a way that made sense and was user friendly. Once we got the content flow down, we started tackling the brand vibe.

Our goal was to make a site that was energetic and fun, but also clean, modern and professional. We needed to speak to both the students and the parents. To evoke the energy we wanted, while keeping the tie to education, we used different shapes and patterns as background elements. We also used the bold, saturated reds, greens and teals found in the logo as the primary color palette. We used photos of the actual students, not any stock photography, to give visitors of the site the sense of who actually goes to this school—the kids that thrive there every day. We also decided to make all the copy on the site lowercase, to evoke kindness, warmth and uniqueness.

Our Results

The result of our work was a professional and clear, yet dynamic site that the client loved! The site is now a place where parents of children with learning differences can come and feel confident that their child is at the right school and a place where students can feel pride in their school!

Visit the johncroslandschool.org to see our work.



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